Doug McKenzie is a New York-based magician and mentalist whose internationally acclaimed performances have garnered him a reputation as one of the most innovative names in magic.

Doug has performed in over two dozen countries, both for notable businesses and celebrities, including: Google, Hermés, NBC, American Express, GE, Deutsche Bank, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Paul Newman, Sting, and is a favorite amongst royal families in the Middle East. 

In addition to his interactive live performances, Doug is recognized by his fellow magicians as a premier creator of magic effects. As an integral member of David Blaine’s team, Doug consulted on and produced David’s prime-time ABC specials for more than a decade. Doug also developed the magic for the BAFTA nominated U.K. television series Dynamo: Magician Impossible, which subsequently aired in more than 150 countries. 

Born in Scotland, Doug grew up in The Sultanate of Oman, Germany and Saudi Arabia, and is fluent in English, German, and Arabic. He holds a B.S. in finance and international business from New York University's Stern School of Business. He has lectured at New York University and Princeton University.

What People are saying...

  • Much more than an amazing magician to me. Doug is a dear friend and someone that inspires me in many ways.
    — David Blaine
  • It's so rare and thrilling to be fooled by good magic. @dougmckenzie fried me last night with a card trick. I'm still tingling.
    — Teller (Penn & Teller)
  • Doug is a joy to have around as a man and as a magician. He charms everyone, from myself, to my son, to my grandmother.
    — Liv Tyler
  • You were a huge hit and one of the highlights of the night! Some of the guests said you were so good that it was scary.
    — Jessica Sibley (Publisher, The Week)
  • Your presence added a unique touch of enchantment to the evening. Many people talked to me about your effortless charm, and your knack for making the magical seem natural.
    — Dr. Edgar Choueiri (Princeton University)
  • You were a hit, as usual. We'll definitely have you back for more. Thank you!
    — Erich Berendt (NBC Universal)
  • Thank you so very much! As always, you were just beyond amazing.
    — Kelly Lombardo (AQR Capital)
  • Doug, you were fabulous. Thank you so much!
    — Janet Ruttenberg

See Doug in Action

Written by the editors of CNN

The Internet makes it hard for modern-day magicians to keep their secrets safe. In this Mostly Human Conversation, Laurie Segall talks with magician and mentalist Doug McKenzie, who uses tech to push the boundaries of the imagination.



For the second video from our Lincoln Hello Again Series, we spent several days with an enchanting man. Doug McKenzie (who has produced magic for the likes of David Blaine) is one of the world's premiere close-up magic artists. But Doug's interest in the illusion goes far beyond typical street magic; he has made it his mission to incorporate new technologies into his work, making a seemingly mundane cellphone the key to a mind-blowing performance. We went out on the streets of New York City with McKenzie to watch him surprise and delight passers-by, and we learned quite a bit about where magic comes from in the process.